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About Me

So, a little bit about me....

I bring along 34 years of experience after graduating from

Hallmark Institute of Photography with awards.

When I started photographing for a living, I used a medium format camera and a tripod, had a darkroom I would get lost in, and loved every minute of taking and processing photos. When the digital revolution swept through, I left behind my beloved Bronica but never forgot my classic training.


Today, I'm all Nikon all the time! My style is more relaxed and spontaneous, while still working from a solid, traditional base.

Photography is truly my life - I can't imagine doing anything else. If a camera isn't in my hands, I'm framing up an image in my head! Capturing the beauty of people, places, and things is what fuels me.

So enough about me, let's shift the lens to you!

Send me an e-mail or give me a call and let's bring your life into focus. 

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